List of events ordered by date

? - Berhier, PQ

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth2 MAR 1819Dubeau Rosalie
Birth25 SEP 1882Marquis Joseph Alfred Ovila
Birth29 JUL 1884Marquis Joseph Frederic
Death26 AUG 1914Marquis Aglae



? - Berlin, Coos Co., New Hampshire

Event TypeDateIndividual
MarriageAbt 1906Prince Alphonse with Bédard Georgiana
Birth24 FEB 1925Napert Carmel L.
Death12 SEP 1941Bédard Georgiana
Burial15 SEP 1941Bédard Georgiana
Death4 JAN 1951Bédard Octave
Burial8 JAN 1951Bédard Octave
Death27 AUG 1968Anctil Yvonne
Burial30 AUG 1968Anctil Yvonne
Death6 NOV 1975Napert Arthur W.
Burial6 JAN 2001Napert Carmel L.



? - Berthier Qc

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage16 FEB 1857Frigon Isidore with Goulet Agnès



? - Berthier, PQ

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth10 NOV 1823Aurez Julie
Marriage6 JUL 1841Plante Ferdinand with Aurez Julie
BirthAbt 1846Marquis George
Birth13 JUL 1876Lavallee M-Alma-Florida
Death14 APR 1884Aurez Julie
Death27 JAN 1898Colinot Reine
Marriage20 MAY 1899Marquis David Xavier with Marquis Aglae
Death2 SEP 1899Plante Ferdinand
Marriage8 APR 1907Marquis Joseph Alfred Ovila with Brisset Bernadette



? - Berthier, Que.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Christening?Dubeau Cecile
Burial?Dubeau Pierre
Christening?Dubeau Jean-Bte
Birth?Dubeau Anathalie
Death?Dubeau Francois-Xavier
Birth22 AUG 1770Genereux Marie Amable
Marriage16 AUG 1771Dubeau Pierre with Ducharme-Charon Francoise-Marie
Birth6 JUL 1772Dubeau Marie
Birth12 JUN 1774Dubeau Marie Anne
Birth29 JUN 1776Dubeau Pierre
Birth5 DEC 1778Dubeau Francois
Birth10 AUG 1780Dubeau Francois-Xavier
Christening10 AUG 1780Dubeau Francois-Xavier
Burial12 OCT 1780Dubeau Francois-Xavier
Birth23 JUL 1781Dubeau Theotiste
Christening23 JUL 1781Dubeau Theotiste
Birth20 MAR 1783Geoffroy Marie Claire
Christening20 MAR 1783Geoffroy Marie Claire
Birth9 JUN 1783Dubeau Marie-Louise
Christening9 JUN 1783Dubeau Marie-Louise
Death23 JUL 1783Dubeau Marie-Louise
Burial28 JUL 1783Dubeau Marie-Louise
Birth4 APR 1785Dubeau Marguerite
Birth23 APR 1787Dubeau Jean-Bte
Death19 OCT 1790Dubeau Marie-Joseph
Birth19 OCT 1790Dubeau Marie-Joseph
Christening19 OCT 1790Dubeau Marie-Joseph
Burial19 OCT 1790Dubeau Marie-Joseph
Christening4 NOV 1791Dubeau Marguerite
Marriage14 JAN 1793Laventure Louis Hus with Dubeau Marie
Birth26 MAY 1793Dubeau Jean-Baptiste
Christening26 MAY 1793Dubeau Jean-Baptiste
Birth2 MAY 1795Dubeau Francois
Burial30 APR 1799Dubeau Marie Anne
Death30 APR 1799Dubeau Marie Anne
Marriage12 MAY 1800Dubeau Pierre with Genereux Marie Amable
Birth10 OCT 1800Dubeau Genevieve
Christening18 OCT 1800Dubeau Genevieve
Marriage21 SEP 1801Dubeau Francois with Dubord-Clermont Genevieve
Birth4 AUG 1802Dubeau Genevieve
Death4 AUG 1802Dubeau Genevieve
Christening4 AUG 1802Dubeau Genevieve
Burial4 AUG 1802Dubeau Genevieve
Marriage14 JAN 1805Beauparland Jean Baptiste with Dubeau Theotiste
Marriage7 JAN 1811Plante Francois Xavier with Dubeau Marguerite
Marriage27 NOV 1821Dubeau Jean-Bte with Jean Rosalie St
Death28 DEC 1829Baril M-Euphrosine
BirthAbt 1832Dubeau Francois Xavier
Marriage16 FEB 1841Peltier Jean Evangeliste with Dubeau Henriette
Birth21 MAR 1841Dubeau M-Louise
Marriage21 FEB 1843Dubeau Hercule with Tellier Aurelie
Death28 MAY 1843Dubeau Marie-Delima
Birth10 MAY 1847Dubeau Genevieve
Marriage7 JAN 1869Rocray Delphis with Dubeau Georgina
Marriage21 NOV 1871Dubeau Theophile with Bourdon M-Zulma
Birth10 MAR 1883Dubeau Emma Elise Marie
Marriage15 OCT 1895Dubeau Living with Clermont M-Edouardina
Birth3 JAN 1907Dubeau Cecile



? - Berthier, Que

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1807Dubeau Louis



? - Berthierville, PQ

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth28 FEB 1895Plouffe Marie-Rosina
Death25 MAR 1895Plouffe Marie-Rosina
Birth27 SEP 1899Plouffe Marie-Lucie
Birth31 DEC 1901Plouffe Joseph-Olivier
Death3 MAR 1902Plouffe Joseph-Olivier
Death1 MAR 1920Chevrette Fernand
Death1 MAR 1920Chevrette Rolland
Birth1920Chevrette Fernand
Birth1920Chevrette Rolland



? - Berthierville, Que.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death?Dubeau Georgina
Christening?Dubeau Louis
Marriage10 JAN 1780Dubeau Jean-Noel with Belanger Marie-Theotiste Noel
Birth12 DEC 1829Dubeau Louis
Birth4 JUN 1832Dubeau Olivier
Christening4 JUN 1832Dubeau Olivier
Birth18 OCT 1833Desrosiers Elisabeth
Christening20 OCT 1833Desrosiers Elisabeth
ChristeningAbt 1847Dubeau Georgina



? - Bethier, Que.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth?Goulet Pierre



? - Bible says died 3-20-1908 not in 1954

Event TypeDateIndividual
Christening?Boyer William Stanley



? - birth recorded in Bismarck, ND by affidavit

Event TypeDateIndividual
Event5 FEB 1942Lloyd Marshall Wesley



? - Bloomfield Hills MI

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death25 AUG 2001Quenneville Raymond Joseph



? - Blue Hill Cemetery, Braintree, MA

Event TypeDateIndividual
Burial?Gagne Richard Ernest
Burial29 MAY 1965Gagne Ernest Joseph
Burial17 JUN 1991Beaupre Alice Cecilia
Burial11 FEB 1992Gagne Joseph Aristide



? - Bois Des Filion, Que.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death21 JUL 1950Dubeau Pamela Alice



? - Bonnyville, Alta.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth27 FEB 1923Regnier Lucie



? - Bonnyville, Alta

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death25 NOV 1961Cere-Serre Eximee



? - Bonnywille, Alta

Event TypeDateIndividual
Burial25 NOV 1961Cere-Serre Eximee



? - Bono, Jerusalem Twp., Lucas, OH ED# 2 p8B T625_1407

Event TypeDateIndividual
Census22 JAN 1920Soncrant Million F.




Event TypeDateIndividual



? - Born under the name of Filicite

Event TypeDateIndividual
Endowment?Laberge Margaret Felicite Ophelia



? - Boston MA

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death21 JUN 1939POTVIN Yvonne



? - Boston, MA

Event TypeDateIndividual
DeathAft 1965Gagne Aurelia
Death16 APR 1995Blandino James
Death7 MAY 1999Garrett Marie Emma



? - Boston, Suffolk, MA

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth2 APR 1887Wittekindt Frederick G.
Marriage20 JUN 1927Gagne Joseph Aristide with Beaupre Alice Cecilia
Birth13 MAY 1928Gagne Gerard Joseph
Death15 SEP 1928Gagne Gerard Joseph
Birth11 FEB 1930Gagne Albert Francis
Birth14 AUG 1931Gagne Paul Edward
Death7 APR 1932Gagne Paul Edward
Birth17 NOV 1932Gagne Leo Joseph
Death26 FEB 1933Gagne Leo Joseph
Birth8 DEC 1938Gagne Richard Ernest
Birth29 APR 1941Gagne Ernest Joseph
Death7 AUG 1958Allen Louis
Death26 MAY 1965Gagne Ernest Joseph
Death25 OCT 1990Scanlon David G.



? - Boston

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1912Crane Margaret



? - Boucherville, PQ

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth5 FEB 1783Lussier Monique



? - Bouchette, PQ

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death1869Talbot Marie
Marriage12 FEB 1877Gagnon Philippe with Talbot Marguerite
Marriage22 OCT 1883Morin Joseph with Talbot Rosalie
Marriage24 JUN 1887Gagnon Jean Francois with Talbot Melina
Birth11 MAY 1889Gagnon Frederic
Birth1894Gagnon Raphael
Birth10 JAN 1896Gagnon Anonyme
Death10 JAN 1896Gagnon Anonyme
Birth11 JAN 1896Gagnon Euzebe
Death14 JAN 1896Gagnon Euzebe
Death1 APR 1896Gagnon Raphael
Birth1 MAR 1897Gagnon Marie Oliva
Marriage25 AUG 1907Gagnon Frederic with Leblanc Angelina
Marriage20 APR 1914Gagnon Marie Oliva with Paul Regis
Death5 JUL 1929Talbot Melina



? - BOUNT- Bountiful, Utah temple

Event TypeDateIndividual
Admitted to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints21 APR 2001Deschamps Joseph Raphael
Admitted to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints21 APR 2001Dupuis Rose Ida
Admitted to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints21 APR 2001Dupuis Marie Clara
Admitted to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints21 APR 2001Caza Marie Louise
Admitted to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints21 APR 2001Deschamps Joseph Louis Edgar
Admitted to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints26 FEB 2002Caza Marie Louise
Admitted to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints9 APR 2002Dupuis Marguerite
Admitted to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints9 APR 2002Mailloux Leonie Olivine
Admitted to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints21 APR 2002Dupuis Clara Laura



? - Brentwood, NH

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth31 MAR 1897Lavoie Landia



? - briquetier-maçon

Event TypeDateIndividual
Residence?Boutet Napoléon



? - Brockport NY

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death10 APR 1977Parent Marie Antoinette



? - Bronchial Pneumonia at home (477 Globe St., Fall River, MA

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death?Jean Anna Marie



? - Broughton

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage7 MAY 1872HUARD Frederic with McMonigle Ann^



? - Buckingham(St-Grégoire Naziade)

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth?Deschenes Wellie



? - buried at St. Albert (headstone at Villeneuve)

Event TypeDateIndividual
Burial?Ouimet Marie Leda



? - buried in Millbury

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death28 MAY 2001Brunell Darius Henry



? - Cache Bay, Ont.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage1 SEP 1931Dubeau Edouard Phillipe with Perrier Fleur-Anna



? - Cacouna

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage30 JUL 1845Lepage Sifroi with Demeules Helene



? - Cahrlesbourg, Que.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Christening24 OCT 1759Dubeau Marie Josephe



? - Calgary, Alta.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death21 JAN 1995Regnier Lucie
Death9 JAN 1998Chambers Katherine Mary
Death1998Dubeau Rosaire



? - Calgary, Alta

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage15 NOV 1969Dubeau Delphis with Chambers Katherine Mary
Death9 OCT 1997Dubeau Delphis



? - Calumet, PQ

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage21 MAR 1864Dubeau Pierre with Thompson Sarah

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