List of events ordered by date

? - with Magdeleine Dubeau

Event TypeDateIndividual
Event11 FEB 1759Lavoye Rene



? - with Marguerite Beaulieu

Event TypeDateIndividual
Event22 OCT 1772Lavoye Rene



? - With parents Toledo, OH ED 0115

Event TypeDateIndividual
Census1910Rogers Monica



? - Wolfe, Que.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth28 APR 1885Dubeau Marie Victoire
Christening3 MAY 1885Dubeau Marie Victoire



? - Woodlawn Cem

Event TypeDateIndividual
Burial?Navarre Gerald




Event TypeDateIndividual
Death?DUBRULE Rosanna Claire
Death15 DEC 1935SALVAS Couronna



? - Woonsocket, R.I.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth16 APR 1881Drouin Dennis Gedeon
Birth16 APR 1881Drouin Joseph Dennis Gedeon
Birth20 NOV 1882Drouin Marie Christiana
Birth15 NOV 1884Drouin (Joseph Guillaume)William
Birth22 MAR 1886Drouin Emma Laura
Death7 JAN 1918Lafrenaye Mary Jane
Death10 JUN 1929Drouin Raymond
Death15 FEB 1930Drouin Zepherin
Death28 MAY 1930Pothier Beatrice
Death26 DEC 1945Drouin (Joseph Guillaume)William
Death2 FEB 1976Drouin Dennis Gedeon



? - Woosocket RI

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage1938POTVIN Henry A. with LAUZON Orise Marie



? - Worcester Mass.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth?POTVIN Donald
Marriage25 AUG 1927POTVIN Edmond with Dowd Irene M.
Birth10 SEP 1929POTVIN Roland
Birth25 DEC 1944POTVIN Robert
DeathAPR 1979POTVIN Roland
DeathMAY 1982Dowd Irene M.



? - Worcester, MA

Event TypeDateIndividual
Divorce4 SEP 1946Woods Henry Vose with Seney Beatrice Arlene
Divorce4 SEP 1946Woods Henry Vose with Seney Beatrice Arlene



? - Worcester, Worcester, MA

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth11 APR 1876Allen Louis J.
Birth1933Perry Robert
Death27 JUL 1995Perry Robert



? - Worcestor, MA

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth20 AUG 1903Cleveland Irene Helen



? - Worchester, MA

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage16 SEP 1907Trudell Living with St. Thomas Marie-Louise



? - Worked for The New York Central Railroad as a Trucker.

Event TypeDateIndividual
ChristeningBet 1917 and 1935Boyer Samuel



? - WW I Ohio Pvt Co D 114 Eng-VFW marker

Event TypeDateIndividual
Event?Courchaine Lewis A.



? - WW I

Event TypeDateIndividual
Event?Scanlon David



? - WW II

Event TypeDateIndividual
Event?Scanlon David G.



? - WWII - Serial # 11056677, PFC, US Army, KIA

Event TypeDateIndividual
Event?Dupray Hubert Francis




Event TypeDateIndividual
Death4 MAY 1981HETU Josaphat Omer



? - Y

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death?Gagner Joseph
Death?Gagner Raphael François
Death?Gagne Pierre
Death?Dubeau Marie Angelique
Death?Dubeau Marie Sophie
Death?Dubeau Marie-Josephte
Death?Filteau Marie Josephte
Death?Dubeau Pierre
Death?Dubeau Regis
Death?Dubeau Sophie
Death?Dupuis Paul
Death?Dubé Jean Baptiste Amable
Death?Dubé Marie Anne Marguerite
Death?Dupuis Louise
Death?Ducharme-Charon Francoise-Marie
Death?Dupuis Barthelmy
Death?Dupuis Angélique
Death?Dufour Felicite
Death?Dubé Pierre
Death?Dubeau Victoria
Death?Dubeau Pierre
Death?Dubeau Pierre
Death?Dubeau P.Maxime Antonio
Death?Dubeau Moise
Death?Dubeau Mathilda
Death?Dubeau Marie-Josephte
Death?Dubeau Marie Anne
Death?Dubeau M-Philomene
Death?Dubeau M-Rosalie
Death?Dubeau M-Leontide Lea
Death?Dubeau M-Eugenie
Death?Bouchard Arthur
Death?Bouchard Emma
Death?Bouchard Ferdinand
Death?Bouchard Edouard
Death?Bouchard Edee
Death?Bouchard Diane
Death?Bouchard Adelphine
Death?Dubeau M-Jeanne
Death?Dubeau M-Louise
Death?Dubeau M-Madeleine
Death?Dubeau M-Pomela
Death?Dubeau M-Virginie Hermesine
Death?Dubeau M-Marilis
Death?Dubeau Marie De Lima
Death?Dubeau Marie Julienne
Death?Dubeau Marie-Aimee
Death?Dubeau Marie-Louise-I
Death?Dubeau Maxime Alfred
Death?Dubeau Narcisse
Death?Dubeau Michel
Death?Dubeau Onesime
Death?Dubeau Philomene
Death?Dubeau Pierre
Death?Dubeau Pierre
Death?Dubeau Rosalie
Death?Dubeau Theodore
Death?Dubeau Theodore
Death?Dubord-Clermont M-Felicite
Death?Dufresne Angele
Death?Dufour Sophie
Death?Dumont Claudia
Death?Dumesnil Prisque
Death?Dufour Arthur
Death?Dupuis Jean
Death?Dupuis Jean Baptiste
Death?Dubé Marie Josephe
Death?Dupuis Louis Albert
Death?Dupuis Marie Françoise
Death?Dupuis Marie-Josephte
Death?Dubé Cecile
Death?Dubeau Regis
Death?Dubeau Pierre
Death?Dubeau Olivine
Death?Falardeau Geneviève
Death?Dubeau Michel
Death?Dubeau Maxime
Death?Dubeau Marie-Jeanne
Death?Dubeau Marie Josephe
Death?Dubeau Marie Dalia
Death?Dubeau Marie Catherine
Death?Gagne Marc
Death?Gagner Marie Catherine
Death?Gagner Marie Suzanne
Death?Gagner Marie Louise
Death?Gagner Marie
Death?Gautier Marie Anne
Death?Dubeau M-Francoise
Death?Lamontagne-Durocher Madeleine
Death?Lajoie Emerance
Death?Lahaie Jean Baptiste
Death?Lapointe Aurore
Death?Dubeau M-Francoise
Death?Dubeau M-Josephe
Death?Dubeau M-Louise
Death?Dubeau M-Louise Delima
Death?Guilbault Pierre
Death?Heurtaux Jean
Death?Heurtaux Joseph
Death?Heurtaux Marie (Louise) Marguerite
Death?Jean Rosalie St
Death?Hovington Joseph
Death?Heurtaux Marie Charlotte
Death?Hetu Alfred
Death?Guilbaut Marie Anne
Death?Harvey Elie
Death?Guilbaut Marie Josèphe
Death?Guilbaut Jean Baptiste
Death?Groulx Marguerite
Death?GAGNE Marie-Anne
Death?Gagné Pierre
Death?Giroux Germain
Death?Gagné Jean Marie
Death?Gregoire Joachim
Death?Gregoire Matilda
Death?Gregoire Joachim
Death?Groulx Jacques
Death?Guilbaut Pierre
Death?Guilbaut Marie Josephe
Death?Harnois Louise
Death?Guilbaut Marie Anne
Death?Harvey Benjamin
Death?Hebert Paul
Death?Guilbaut Joseph
Death?Hetu Octavien
Death?Heurtaux François
Death?Heurtaux Robert
Death?Isoir Marie-Josephe
Death?Heurtaux Marie Marguerite
Death?Heurtaux Louis Michel
Death?Heurtaux Jean
Death?Guilbaut François Xavier
Death?Dubeau Marie
Death?Dubeau Marie
Death?Dubeau M-Madeleine
Death?Dubeau M-Louise
Death?Dubeau M-Louise
Death?Dubeau M-Jeanne
Death?Dubeau M-Georgiana
Death?Gagner François
Death?Gagner Jacques Amable
Death?Gendreau Joseph
Death?Gendron Marie-Amanda
Death?Georges Delima St
Death?Gautier Charles
Death?Gagner Hyacinthe
Death?Bouchard Flavien
Death?Bouchard Hypollite
Death?Bouchard Louise Delima
Death?Renaud Marie Therese
Death?Seguin Jean Charles
Death?Seguin Marie Anne
Death?Touron Jean Baptiste
Death?Touron Pierre
Death?Tremblay Elisabeth
Death?Tremblay Marie Louise
Death?Villeneuve Basile
Death?Vezina Charles
Death?Tremblay Francois
Death?Séguin Joseph
Death?St-Georges Emerence
Death?Soulieres Felonise
Death?Simard Arselie
Death?Seguin Jacques (Sigouin)
Death?Rozon Arthur
Death?Quesnelle Melina
Death?Noiseux François
Death?Piquette M-Anna
Death?Noiseux Joseph
Death?Noiseux Marie Angélique
Death?Pageau Marguerite
Death?Noiseux Ursule
Death?Charlebois Edward
Death?Morin Joachim
Death?Morissette Jean Bte
Death?Nadal Marie Louise
Death?Laverdiere Marie Josephe
Death?Lepage Alexandre
Death?Martel Francois Louis
Death?Lepage Joseph
Death?Lepage Praxede
Death?Laverdiere Veronique (Cauchon)
Death?Le Hus Marc Antoine (Lemoine)
Death?Clouthier Donalda
Death?Clouthier Mary Anne
Death?Demeules Evariste
Death?Demeules Louis
Death?Demeules Louis
Death?Demeules Olive
Death?Dequoy Louis
Death?Desmeules Jean François
Death?Desrosiers Elisabeth
Death?Dubeau Angele
Death?Dubeau Catherine
Death?Dubeau Domithilde
Death?Dubeau Florent
Death?Dubeau Francois
Death?Dubeau Frs-Xavier
Death?Dubeau Genevieve
Death?Dubeau Hermeline
Death?Dubeau J-Esdram
Death?Dubeau J. Alfred
Death?Dubeau Jacques
Death?Dubeau Jean Baptiste
Death?Dubeau Jos.Napoleon
Death?Dubeau Joseph Albert
Death?Dubeau Joseph Pierre
Death?Dubeau Louise
Death?Dubeau Lucie
Death?Dubeau M-Caroline
Death?Dubeau M-Celina Serena
Death?Dubeau Louis Edmond
Death?Dubeau Jules
Death?Dubeau Joseph Alexandre
Death?Dubeau Jean-Thomas
Death?Dubeau Jacques
Death?Dubeau Isaie
Death?Dubeau Francois
Death?Dubeau Eloise
Death?Dubeau Charles Joseph
Death?Dubeau Anne
Death?Dore M-Suzanne (Derois)
Death?Dionne Euphemie
Death?Desbiens Georges
Death?Demeules Thaddee
Death?Clouthier Napoleon
Death?CLOUTIER Pierre Joseph
Death?Columbus Emma
Death?Coutu Marie
Death?Columbus Mary May
Death?Chartrand Lucie
Death?Brunet Jean Baptiste
Death?Capet Marie Catherine
Death?Brabant Gilbert
Death?Bouchard Monique
Death?Bouchard Narcisse
Death?Bouchard Joseph
Death?Blackburn Flore
Death?Bergeron Michel
Death?Allard Pierre
Death?Bazinet Joseph Damase
Death?Bazinet Joseph Edouard
Death?Bazinet Delva
Death?Allard Angélique
Death?Aurez Madeline
Death?Bazinet Joseph Romulus
Death?Bouchard Adele
Death?Baxter William Ignatius John
Death?Belanger Marie-Theotiste Noel
Death?Bazinet Telesphore
Death?Bazinet Mary Louise Evelina
Death?Boucher Christine
Death?Bouchard Wilbrod
Death?Bouchard Sandy
Death?Bourgouin Josephine
Death?Bouvet Elisabeth
Death?Bray Genevieve
Death?Brisson Telesphore
Death?Brunet Jean Bte
Death?Castonguay Charles
Death?Charlebois Henriette Florestine
Death?Charpentier Marie Jeanne
Death?Charlebois Marie Ella May
Death?Columbus Edward Martin
Death?Couillard Clement
Death?Columbus Louis Joseph
Death?Dallaire Etiennne
Death?Clouthier Philomene
Death?Clouthier Matilda
Death?Desbiens Etienne
Death?Desbiens Etienne
Death?Desmeules Marie Monique
Death?Devoyau-Laframboise Theophile
Death?Dorval-Bouchard M-Francoise
Death?Deziel-Labreche Josephine
Death?Dubeau Antoine Raphael
Death?Dubeau Antoine
Death?Dubeau Charles-Eugene
Death?Dubeau Edmond
Death?Dubeau Ferdinand Joseph
Death?Dubeau Genevieve
Death?Dubeau Georgiana
Death?Dubeau George
Death?Dubeau J-Napoleon
Death?Dubeau Jean-Baptiste
Death?Dubeau Joseph
Death?Dubeau Joseph-Edward
Death?Dubeau Leocadie
Death?Dubeau M-Angele Delima
Death?Dubeau M-Elodie
Death?Dubeau M-Elis.Rose Azilda
Death?Dubeau M-Celina
Death?Dubeau M-Angelique
Death?Dubeau Louise Emilie
Death?Dubeau Louis
Death?Dubeau Louis
Death?Dubeau Louis
Death?Dubeau Joseph Hormidas
Death?Dubeau Joseph
Death?Dubeau Jean-Pierre Gedeon
Death?Dubeau Jean-Noel
Death?Dubeau Jean-Bte
Death?Dubeau Jean Baptiste
Death?Dubeau J.Hildege
Death?Dubeau J-Eugene
Death?Dubeau J-Calixte
Death?Dubeau Genevieve
Death?Dubeau Gaspard-Alfred
Death?Dubeau Francois-Xavier
Death?Dubeau Francois
Death?Dubeau Francois
Death?Dubeau Florent
Death?Dubeau Elisabeth
Death?Dubeau Dominique
Death?Dubeau Delina
Death?Dubeau Charles
Death?Dubeau Angelique
Death?Dubeau Ambroise Max.Onesime
Death?Desrosiers-Lafreniere Dorilda
Death?Desroches Marie Odile
Death?Desmeules Marie Louise
Death?Dequoy Marie Josephe
Death?Demeules Marie Reine
Death?Demeules Louis
Death?Demeules Helene
Death?Demeules Adelaide
Death?Clouthier Marie Odina
Death?Clouthier Marie Marguerite
Death?Clouthier Ludger
Death?Lavallee M-Louise
Death?Lavigne William
Death?Lepage Sifroi
Death?Leroux Louis Guillaume
Death?Lepage Sara
Death?Maheu Amanda
Death?Marchand Elisabeth
Death?Marion Jules
Death?Lepage Helene
Death?Mongrain Marie Anne
Death?Lepage Abel
Death?Nadal Louise
Death?Nadal Étienne
Death?Morin Pierre
Death?Laverdiere Marie Françoise
Death?Brunet Geneviève
Death?Noiseux Thérèse
Death?Ouellet Genevieve
Death?Noiseux Pierre
Death?Noiseux Marie Louise
Death?Noiseux Joseph Henri
Death?Philippe-Lebel-Beaulieu M-Jos
Death?Plante Marguerite
Death?Plichard Charles
Death?Perron Tharsile
Death?Brissette Georges
Death?Riverin Marie Madeleine
Death?Rheaume M-Angelique
Death?Rondeau Rose Anne
Death?Savard Gertrude
Death?Séguin Pierre
Death?Séguin Pierre
Death?St. Amand Joseph
Death?Thauvette Celestin
Death?Tremblay Alexis
Death?Tremblay Joseph
Death?Tremblay Marie-Obeline
Death?Tremblay Marie-Delphine
Death?Villeneuve Basile
Death?Vallee Marguerite
Death?Tremblay Marie Anne
Death?Tremblay Jean Baptiste
Death?Tremblay Francois
Death?Tremblay Elisabeth
Death?Touron Marie Dorothée
Death?Touron Jacques
Death?Touron Jacques
Death?Touron Geneviève
Death?Seguin Marie Agnes
Death?Seguin Germain
Death?Bouchard Marguerite
Death?Bouchard Louise
Death?Bouchard Georgiane
Death?Leroux Marie Catherine

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