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Canada - QC Québec - Sainte-Martine (Chateauguay)

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage3 FEB 1840Demers Eustache with Vezina Zoe



Canada - QC Québec - Sainte-Philippe (Laprairie)

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage23 OCT 1809Demers Eustache with Martin Marie Louise



Canada - QC Québec - Saints-Anges

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death23 DEC 1893Lachance Olivier



Canada - QC Québec - Sault-Au-Recollet

Event TypeDateIndividual
Event16 JAN 1786Touron Jean Baptiste with Labelle Catherine
Event16 JAN 1786Touron Jean Baptiste with Labelle Catherine
Marriage16 JAN 1786Touron Jean Baptiste with Labelle Catherine



Canada - QC Québec - Sault-aux-Recollet

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth26 MAY 1842Quenneville Justinien



Canada - QC Québec - Sault-St-Louis (Kahnawake)

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth20 JUN 1774Gendron Paul



Canada - QC Québec - Sayabec

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death12 SEP 1948Fournier Dolores



Canada - QC Québec - Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth4 NOV 1920NASH Ellen
Marriage11 APR 1942Bélanger Josaphat with Filiault Germaine
Burial30 JUL 2005Albert Cornélia



Canada - QC Québec - Sherbrooke

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage7 OCT 1913Letellier Joseph-Hector with Belanger Alberta
Birth18 NOV 1927Letellier Jacques
Death5 JUN 1930St-Aubin Matihilde



Canada - QC Québec - SHERBROOKE

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death1 JUN 1951Nicole Joseph
Death15 APR 1953Duval Marie Jeanne
Death28 APR 1956Labbé Jean-Baptiste



Canada - QC Québec - Sherbrooke

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death13 JUN 1958Letellier Joseph-Hector
Death20 AUG 1968Belanger Alberta



Canada - QC Québec - SHERBROOKE

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death16 MAY 1991Nicole Liniere
Death28 SEP 1995Labbé Emile
Death30 JAN 1997Turgeon Germaine



Canada - QC Québec - Sherrington, Napierville

Event TypeDateIndividual



Canada - QC Québec - Sorel, Richelieu County

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth9 OCT 1750Monbleau-Latulippe Marie Genevieve



Canada - QC Québec - Sorel

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1 JAN 1701Le Hus Marc Antoine (Lemoine)
Death29 DEC 1754Dubeau M-Ursule



Canada - QC Québec - Soulanges

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1783Dupuis Joseph-Amable
Birth1785Dupuis Joseph
Birth1786Dupuis Josephte
Birth1788Dupuis Eugenie
Christening13 JUL 1814Dupuis George
Birth14 APR 1888Belair Donat
Birth12 SEP 1889Belair Telesphore



Canada - QC Québec - South Durham

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage7 MAR 1878Parent Edouard with Morin Vitaline



Canada - QC Québec - St Agnes, Dundee, Huntingdon

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage14 FEB 1825Leblanc Pierre with Bercier Eugenie



Canada - QC Québec - St Alphonse de Rodriguez

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth26 JUL 1911Beaupre Clara



Canada - QC Québec - St Ambroise, De Kildaire

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1835Marsil Anselme



Canada - QC Québec - St Anastasie De Lyster

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth30 AUG 1873Dumais Marie Antonia



Canada - QC Québec - St André, Sutton, Brôme

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage1 FEB 1875Robert Charles with Robert Arselie



Canada - QC Québec - St Anicet, County of Huntington

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth11 JUN 1814Dupuis George



Canada - QC Québec - St Anicet, Huntingdon

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage1829Amelotte Joseph with Bercier Catherine
Marriage9 JAN 1832Bercier Augustin with Lalonde Josephte
BirthAbt 1836Bercier Cleophée
BirthAbt 1836Bercier Elmire
Birth25 DEC 1837Saumier Marguerite
BirthAbt 1840Bercier Delina
BirthAbt 1841Bercier Angele
Birth23 MAR 1851Bercier Adelaide
BirthAbt 1851Bercier Obeline
Marriage5 JUL 1852Caza Henri with Bercier Elmire
Marriage30 OCT 1855Aubin Jean Baptiste with Bercier Elmire
Marriage28 OCT 1856Leblanc Jean Baptiste with Bercier Appoline
Marriage10 JAN 1860Bercier Alexis with Saumier Marguerite
Death26 APR 1860Bercier Adelaide
Birth1860Bercier Olivia
Marriage25 AUG 1863Bercier Gedeon with Charlebois Aurelie
Marriage1865Aubin Francois Norbert with Bercier Eugenie
Marriage1865Lecuyer Etienne with Bercier Olive
Marriage3 MAY 1875Bercier Alexis with Dupuis Virginie



Canada - QC Québec - St Anicet

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1811Bonneville Florie
Birth1841Dupuis Elie
Birth1843Caza Pierre
Birth18 JUL 1846Dupuis Vergeni
Birth1848Dupuis Misael
Birth17 JUN 1859Dupuis Marie
Birth1863Chretien Elizabeth
Birth1864Dupuis Josephat or Joseph



Canada - QC Québec - St Anne, De Beauprey

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth?Bloudin Exhilda



Canada - QC Québec - St Athanase de Bleury, Iberville

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth15 JUL 1849Robert Théophile
Baptism16 JUL 1849Robert Théophile
Birth23 AUG 1851Robert Arselie
Baptism23 AUG 1851Robert Arselie
Birth14 NOV 1875Robert Charles Henri Theophile
Baptism14 NOV 1875Robert Charles Henri Theophile
Birth24 JUL 1877Robert Marie Eloise Alma
Baptism24 JUL 1877Robert Marie Eloise Alma



Canada - QC Québec - St Athanase, Iberville

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage23 NOV 1874Robert Théophile with Normandin Thaïs Eloise



Canada - QC Québec - St Barthelemi, Berthier

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1846Lambert Julie
Birth1853Lambert Joseph
Death29 FEB 1856Lambert Joseph
Marriage9 JAN 1868Lambert Dieudonne with Marcoux Josephine Anastasie
Birth1869Lambert Felise (Felix)
Death27 APR 1872Lambert Julie
Christening22 MAY 1873Lambert Joseph Dieudonne
Marriage8 JUN 1874Mailloux Joseph with Lambert Elouise
Christening20 AUG 1884Lambert Joseph Aniclet
Death7 NOV 1896Lambert Felise (Felix)



Canada - QC Québec - St Barthelemy, Berthier

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage9 AUG 1830Drouin Francois Xavier with Goulet Living



Canada - QC Québec - St Charles, Bellechasse

Event TypeDateIndividual



Canada - QC Québec - St Constant, Laprairie

Event TypeDateIndividual



Canada - QC Québec - St Cuthbert, Berthier

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1791Plante Alard Jean Baptiste
Marriage26 FEB 1816Plante Alard Jean Baptiste with Brunet Angelique
Birth1846Vadenais Josephine Celina
Marriage23 JUN 1863Drouin Zepherin with Vadenais Josephine Celina
Birth17 JUN 1868Drouin Raymond
Birth25 AUG 1874Drouin Doremene
Birth1 SEP 1875Drouin Rosalba



Canada - QC Québec - St Elisabeth, Joliette

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1822Lambert Alexis



Canada - QC Québec - St Elzéar de Linière, St Elzéar, Beauce

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage28 FEB 1881Turcotte Théophile with Binet Delvina



Canada - QC Québec - St Felex, Valois

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth12 APR 1857Joly Olive



Canada - QC Québec - St Ferdinand d'Halifax, Megantic

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage28 AUG 1860Turcotte Jean with Tardif Marie



Canada - QC Québec - St Gabriel

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth21 APR 1851DeSallier Emmanuel



Canada - QC Québec - St Genevieve de Berthier, Conte de Berthier

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth16 OCT 1896Plouffe Rosario Napoleon



Canada - QC Québec - St Gervais, Bellechasse

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1810Bilodeau Marie Genevieve
Christening2 MAY 1818Gervais Elisabeth Talbot Or
BirthAbt 1818Gervais Elisabeth Talbot Or
BirthAbt 17 MAR 1821LaFerriere Louis
BirthAbt 7 APR 1822Patry Catherine
Death8 MAY 1840Bilodeau Marie Genevieve
Marriage25 JUL 1843LaFerriere Louis with Patry Catherine
Birth23 JUL 1844LaFerriere Marie-Philomene



Canada - QC Québec - St Hyacynthe, Hycacynthe

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage19 OCT 1784Noiseux Pierre with Fortin Marie Angelique



Canada - QC Québec - St Isadore

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth19 NOV 1876Bercier Malvina



Canada - QC Québec - St Jacques le Mineur, Laprairie

Event TypeDateIndividual



Canada - QC Québec - St Jean l'Evangiliste

Event TypeDateIndividual
Confirmation21 MAY 1940LaFerriere Joseph Armand Renald



Canada - QC Québec - St Jean, St Jean

Event TypeDateIndividual



Canada - QC Québec - St Joseph, Montréal, Île de Montréal

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth19 DEC 1884Robert Marie Eloise
Birth20 AUG 1886Robert Eva
Birth9 MAR 1888Robert Moise Martin Rodolphe



Canada - QC Québec - St Julien de Wolfetown

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth5 SEP 1885ROBERGE Delia
Birth17 DEC 1888ROBERGE Marie Anne
Birth23 JAN 1892ROBERGE Arthur
Birth3 AUG 1893ROBERGE Alphonsine
Birth10 MAR 1895ROBERGE Wilfrid



Canada - QC Québec - St Laurent, Montreal

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage19 FEB 1759Lavoye Rene with Dubeau Madeleine
Birth5 DEC 1759Lavoye Jean-Baptiste
Death5 AUG 1761Lavoye Jean-Baptiste



Canada - QC Québec - St Marie, Beauce

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1779LaFerriere Joseph
Birth12 FEB 1785Marcoux Marie-Margurite
Marriage15 FEB 1803LaFerriere Joseph with Marcoux Marie-Margurite



Canada - QC Québec - St Martin, Ile Jesus

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage1 MAR 1813Lavoie Living with Chaurette Marie-Genevieve
Marriage10 AUG 1819Lavoie Living with Millaire Louise



Canada - QC Québec - St Michel, Bellechasse

Event TypeDateIndividual
BirthAbt 1746dit LaBonte Marie-Madeleine Clément
Marriage4 FEB 1765Charron Jean with dit LaBonte Marie-Madeleine Clément



Canada - QC Québec - St Regis, Huntingdon

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage31 AUG 1808Bercier Alexis with Dupuis Eugenie

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