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Canada - QC Québec - St. Laurent

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death8 FEB 2000Dumas Gerard



Canada - QC Québec - St. Louis de Gonzague

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth19 APR 1862Dubeau Delcenie



Canada - QC Québec - St. Louis DE Terrebonne

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death29 NOV 1760Gautier Marie Angélique



Canada - QC Québec - St. Luce

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage17 JUL 1906Harton Charles with Gagnon Appoline



Canada - QC Québec - St. Martin, Laval

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage30 OCT 1780Touron Jacques with Graton Anne



Canada - QC Québec - St. Mathias

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth24 DEC 1799Dubeau Louis



Canada - QC Québec - St. Michel

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth18 MAY 1765Touron Marie Madeleine
Death28 MAY 1765Touron Marie Madeleine
Birth9 SEP 1765Touron Marie Dorothée



Canada - QC Québec - St. Modeste

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth17 JAN 1891Harton Antonia



Canada - QC Québec - St. Nobert

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage18 APR 1904Lambert Hildege with Marquis Living



Canada - QC Québec - St. Norbert, Arthabaska

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage10 JAN 1848Arsenault Cyrille with Roberge Esther



Canada - QC Québec - St. Norbert

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth4 OCT 1831dit DeSallier Dezalia Pierre (Peter) Aubuchon



Canada - QC Québec - St. Octave-de-Metis

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth14 JAN 1902Dumas Marguerite
Marriage7 NOV 1902Lafontaine Wilfred with Harton Marie Luce



Canada - QC Québec - St. Patrice, Magog, Stanstead

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth1848Maynard Joseph



Canada - QC Québec - St. Paul-Apotre, PQ

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage24 JUN 1914Carrier Francois-Xavier with Dubeau Living



Canada - QC Québec - St. Philippe, Laprairie County

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage2 FEB 1812Langevin Joseph with Legris Emilie



Canada - QC Québec - St. Phillipe

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage10 FEB 1755Martin Pierre with Dupuis Marie Anne
Marriage22 FEB 1762Bisaillon Hippolyte Amable with Dupuis Marie Françoise



Canada - QC Québec - St. Polycarpe, Soulanges

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth21 DEC 1822Chartrand Luc
Christening21 DEC 1822Chartrand Luc



Canada - QC Québec - St. Polycarpe

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth14 DEC 1835Daoust Elie
Marriage9 AUG 1858Daoust Elie with Dubeau Zoe
Birth16 FEB 1864Doucette Emma



Canada - QC Québec - St. Regis, Huntingdon

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth29 DEC 1819Dupuis Louis



Canada - QC Québec - St. Régis, Huntingdon

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth15 SEP 1823Castagnet Marguerite



Canada - QC Québec - St. Regis

Event TypeDateIndividual
Burial?Dubeau Marguerite
Marriage26 NOV 1817Dupuis Louis with LeBlanc Genevieve
Burial1835Dupuis Augustin



Canada - QC Québec - St. Remi

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth9 JUN 1889Oligny Joseph Philorum



Canada - QC Québec - St. Roch

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage21 OCT 1861Turcotte Nazaire with Dubeau Living
Marriage15 AUG 1864LETELLIER Francois with Milliard Delphine
Marriage18 JUL 1887Laroche Napoleon with LETELLIER Delphine



Canada - QC Québec - St. Sauveur, Lower Canada 6

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth?Plante Léa



Canada - QC Québec - St. Sauveur

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage17 JUL 1882Rodrigue Alphonse with Turgeon Alvina
Birth1 JUN 1884Couture Marie Alice
Marriage8 APR 1893Pelchat Napoléon with Plante Léa



Canada - QC Québec - St. Scholastique

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death8 OCT 1877Dubeau Jean Baptiste



Canada - QC Québec - St. Stanislaus de Kotska

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death16 APR 1890Pinsonneau Rosalie



Canada - QC Québec - St. Thimotee, Beauharnois

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth7 AUG 1856Ledger Adele
Christening8 AUG 1856Ledger Adele



Canada - QC Québec - St. Thomas

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death20 JAN 1973Pelchat Alexandre



Canada - QC Québec - St. Timothee

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death8 JAN 1875Girouard Jeremie



Canada - QC Québec - St. Ulric, Rimouski

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage23 NOV 1869LaFerriere Cyrille with Jean Anna Marie



Canada - QC Québec - St. Vallier

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth17 AUG 1716Laverdiere Agnès
Birth3 MAR 1718Laverdiere René
Death31 MAY 1718Laverdiere René
Birth25 JUN 1724Laverdiere Marie Françoise
Death11 DEC 1728Dubeau Jeanne
Birth28 AUG 1734Gagné Hippolyte
Birth6 OCT 1737Gagné Jean Marie
Event20 NOV 1741Labbe Pierre with Laverdiere Agnès
Event20 NOV 1741Labbe Pierre with Laverdiere Agnès
Marriage20 NOV 1741Labbe Pierre with Laverdiere Agnès
Event3 NOV 1744Labbe Jean Baptiste with Laverdiere Marie Françoise
Marriage3 NOV 1744Labbe Jean Baptiste with Laverdiere Marie Françoise
Event3 NOV 1744Labbe Jean Baptiste with Laverdiere Marie Françoise
Death5 JAN 1747Laverdiere René (Cauchon)
Marriage24 JAN 1757Roy Augustin with Clement-Labonte Marie Angelique
Event24 APR 1758Touron Jacques with Montigny Marie Dorothée Minet
Event24 APR 1758Touron Jacques with Montigny Marie Dorothée Minet
Marriage24 APR 1758Touron Jacques with Montigny Marie Dorothée Minet
Event12 FEB 1759Tanguay Pierre with Laverdiere Marie Josephe
Event12 FEB 1759Tanguay Pierre with Laverdiere Marie Josephe
Marriage12 FEB 1759Tanguay Pierre with Laverdiere Marie Josephe
Birth27 FEB 1759Touron Marie Dorothée
Death10 MAR 1759Touron Marie Dorothée
Event1 FEB 1761Laverdiere Henri with Gatien Marie Louise (Larieux)
Marriage1 FEB 1761Laverdiere Henri with Gatien Marie Louise (Larieux)
Event1 FEB 1761Laverdiere Henri with Gatien Marie Louise (Larieux)
Birth7 FEB 1762Touron Jean Baptiste
Birth18 FEB 1762Laverdiere Henri
Birth8 OCT 1763Laverdiere Marie-Louise
Birth2 FEB 1765Laverdiere Rene-Marie
Birth22 JUL 1779Letellier Michel
Marriage16 FEB 1789Tanguay Pierre Noel with Roy Marie-Madeleine
Birth4 APR 1803Letellier Edouard
Marriage12 FEB 1816Tanguay Pierre Noel with FORTIER Marie Agathe
Birth23 JAN 1820Tanguay Georges
Birth19 OCT 1828Letellier Joseph-Edouard
Birth14 NOV 1829Letellier Odile
Birth9 JUN 1832Letellier Edouard
Death6 DEC 1832Letellier Joseph-Edouard
Marriage12 FEB 1833Letellier Flavien with Lacombe Lucie
Birth21 DEC 1833Letellier Marie-Flore
Marriage4 FEB 1834Roy Nazaire with Letellier Marie
Birth17 DEC 1834Letellier Marie
Birth3 AUG 1835Letellier Joseph-Wilfrid
Birth12 DEC 1835Letellier Elizabeth
Birth31 MAY 1837Letellier Wilmer
Birth18 JUL 1838Letellier Joseph
Death14 DEC 1838Letellier Wilmer
Birth4 FEB 1839Letellier Ephrem
Birth4 FEB 1839Letellier Francois
Birth26 MAY 1840Letellier Francois-Xavier
Birth10 MAY 1843Letellier Francois-Xavier
Death30 JUN 1843Letellier Francois-Xavier
Birth16 SEP 1844Tanguay Napoleon
Birth3 OCT 1844Letellier Michel
Death28 JAN 1845Letellier Odile
Marriage13 JUL 1847Morin Laurent with Tanguay Marcelline
Death19 NOV 1849Tetu Henriette
Marriage17 APR 1855Buteau Joseph-Honore with Letellier Flore
Death5 FEB 1863Letellier Michel
Marriage20 NOV 1866Latulippe Andre with Letellier Elizabeth
Marriage23 SEP 1873Letellier Francois-Xavier with Bazin Josephine
Birth12 JUL 1875Letellier Alma
Birth24 JUL 1876Letellier Achille
Birth19 NOV 1877Letellier Delvina
Birth25 FEB 1879Letellier Gabriel
Birth27 MAY 1880Letellier Eugene
Birth30 AUG 1881Letellier Leon
Birth25 JAN 1883Letellier Oscar
Birth10 JUL 1884Letellier Wilfrid
Birth18 NOV 1885Letellier Laureat
Death28 APR 1886Letellier Edouard
Birth11 JUL 1887Letellier Joseph-Hector
Birth25 JUL 1888Letellier Josephine
Death25 JUL 1888Letellier Josephine
Marriage9 JUL 1907Roy Eugene with Letellier Alma
Marriage8 JAN 1908Letellier Eugene with Catellier Ludivine
Death31 DEC 1912Letellier Francois-Xavier
Death5 SEP 1915Bazin Josephine
Death8 JUN 1966Letellier Leon



Canada - QC Québec - St.Jean Baptiste, Rouville

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth3 JAN 1838DUSSAULT Guillaume "William"
Birth2 JUN 1841LEVESQUE Marie Odile
Marriage28 APR 1863DUSSAULT Guillaume "William" with LEVESQUE Marie Odile
Birth31 AUG 1867DUSSAULT Odile Antoinette
Birth23 MAY 1868LEMONDE Telesphore
Death29 JUN 1878PAQUET Rose
Death27 MAR 1882LEVESQUE Francois
Death3 APR 1886LEVESQUE Marie Odile
Marriage17 FEB 1890LEMONDE Telesphore with DUSSAULT Odile Antoinette
Death30 OCT 1892DUSSAULT Guillaume "William"
Birth28 APR 1893LEMONDE Blanche Antoinette
Birth15 MAY 1904LEMONDE William
Birth21 JAN 1909LEMONDE Richard



Canada - QC Québec - St.Marthe

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage1848Cardinell Felix with Laberge Catherine



Canada - QC Québec - St.Norbert, Berthier

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage3 NOV 1868Marquis George with Robillard Marie Seraphine
Marriage3 JUL 1877Marquis Joseph with Lambert Emilie
Birth14 OCT 1880Marquis Alexandrina
Death30 MAR 1943Marquis Joseph



Canada - QC Québec - Stanstead

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death2 FEB 1986Giguere Ulric A



Canada - QC Québec - Ste Cunegonde, Montréal, Île de Montréal

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth30 NOV 1889Robert Marie Rose Scholastique
Birth8 MAR 1891Robert Marie Cecile Beatrice
Birth6 AUG 1892Robert Joseph Daniel Albert
Birth25 JUN 1894Robert Louis Henri Lucien



Canada - QC Québec - Ste Elisabeth

Event TypeDateIndividual
Christening4 OCT 1804Dubeau Joseph
Birth8 OCT 1804Dubeau Joseph



Canada - QC Québec - Ste Martine, Chateaugay, Cabada

Event TypeDateIndividual
Death7 MAY 1870VALLEE Martine



Canada - QC Québec - Ste Melanie

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth31 MAY 1857Dubeau Georgille (Georgina)
Christening31 MAY 1857Dubeau Georgille (Georgina)



Canada - QC Québec - Ste Philomène, Châteauguay

Event TypeDateIndividual
Marriage9 AUG 1849Crête Léon with Mailloux Mathilde
Marriage21 FEB 1854Dubuc Moïse with Mailloux Sophie



Canada - QC Québec - Ste-Agathe, Lotbinière Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
Birth9 AUG 1904Bédard Marie-Louise
Birth18 MAR 1906Bédard Alcide
Birth18 MAR 1906Bédard Roméo
Birth12 MAY 1908Bédard Bernadette
Death22 MAY 1908Bédard Bernadette
BurialMAY 1908Bédard Bernadette
Birth4 AUG 1909Bédard Henri
Death4 AUG 1909Bédard Henri
BurialAUG 1909Bédard Henri
Marriage21 JUN 1921Bédard Joseph with Brochu Mary
Marriage26 SEP 1922Payeur Alphonse J. with Bédard Albertine-Amanda
Marriage16 AUG 1926Payeur Joseph-Arsène (Harry) with Bédard Marie-Louise
Death7 JUN 1931Therrien Amanda
Burial10 JUN 1931Therrien Amanda
Death12 APR 1934Bédard Amédee
BurialAPR 1934Bédard Amédee
Death8 JUL 1945Bédard Louis
Burial11 JUL 1945Bédard Louis
Death28 NOV 1978Bédard Alcide
Burial1 DEC 1978Bédard Alcide
Death4 AUG 1988Bédard Roméo
BurialAUG 1988Bédard Roméo
Death28 JAN 1989Brochu Mary

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